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Toxicology Part A
Example questions:

(Answers are at bottom of page)

  1. A 42 year old male weighing 175 pounds, who by history occasionally drinks alcohol, has his last drink at midnight. At 12:48 am, while driving his car, he is involved in a traffic accident. At 2:48 am, his blood is drawn at a hospital and is determined to contain 0.17 gm/dL of ethanol. What is a reasonable estimation of his blood alcohol at the time of the accident?
    1. 0.17 gm/dL ethanol
    2. 0.20 gm/dL ethanol
    3. 0.23 gm/dL ethanol
    4. 0.15 gm/dL ethanol
    5. Impossible to estimate from the available data


1. B