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The ABCC exam is held in conjunction with AACC's Annual Meeting.
Exam parts
The examination in clinical chemistry is comprised of two parts:

  • Part A, Calculations and problem solving
  • Part B, Analytical and clinical issues

Exam domains The examination tests mastery and knowledge of

  • Clinical chemistry interpretation and problem solving
  • Clinical case approach
  • Analytical, instrumentation, methodology
  • Statistical analysis, QA, mathematics
  • Toxicology
  • Regulatory/management
  • Molecular/genetics (not applicable to part A)

Item taxonomy
The examination tests the candidate's skills in

  • Recall
  • Applied skills

Item format
All questions are in multiple-choice format with one best/correct answer.  All choices are A-E.
Part A (3 hours)
The examinee is expected to perform calculations and problem solving related to:

  • General biochemistry, such as enzyme kinetics, solution preparations, electrophoresis.
  • Case based approach to problem solving in clinical chemistry related to disease processes.
  • Statistics and quality control/assurance related to disease, testing, and the clinical lab.
  • Regulatory and management calculations related to clinical lab operations.

For Clinical Chemistry Part A sample questions click here
Part B (3.5 hours)
The examinee is expected to answer questions related to:

  • Principles, characteristics and limitations of instrumentation and technologies used in a clinical chemistry laboratory, such as spectrophotometry and chromatography
  • Interpretation of clinical findings and laboratory data, including basic TDM and toxicology
  • Basic pathophysiology related to clinical chemistry analytes and corresponding disease processes.
  • Quality control, quality assurance,principles of lab statistics, and process evaluations
  • Sample handling, preparation, interferences, and pre-analytical variation
  • Guidelines and regulations in clinical lab management.

For Clinical Chemistry Part B sample questions click here
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